Play to listen to the sound from the wind turbines 3,5 km away.

Some questions the authenticity in the movies of the aviation lights, click here and join me when I drive from my home to the village where the turbines are located.

The aviation lights February 7, 2024.

The aviation lights November 2023.

Inside at Lagerstorp

The aviation lights 9 April 2023.

The aviation lights 11 April 2023.

The aviation lights 23 April 2023.

Aviation lights December 9, 2023.

Aviation lights December 16, 2023

The aviation lights November 2023 – January 2024.
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Comparison of aviation lights from Februari to May of 2023 and November and December of 2023 and January of 2024

Aviation lights 01:30 January 8 2024.

Aviation lights 00:01 February 1 2024.

Aviation lights December 2024.

Aviation lights January 24, 2024

Aviation lights February 1, 2024


Aviation lights visible from Habo January 2020

Some think these movies are fake, join me when I visit Beth, Sötterfällan and Tolabo.

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Om ni har några frågor kring filmerna eller hinderbelysningen.